YDA trainers are unisex

YDA trainers are an elite orthopedic shoe range, specially designed for diabetics and people with foot or ankle ailments.

When you look at YDA trainers online you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are a trainer made for men only. The majority of the limited search engine results only feature images of the male models of the trainer.

Don’t be mistaken though, YDA’s are a unisex shoe.

That’s right ladies, you too can grab yourself a pair of the therapeutic footwear and give your feet a treat – you’ll never want to put your heels on again!

Available in black, white, red and pink colours, the YDA’s work well with any outfit, add a stylish touch to your wardrobe, as well as being supremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable. For the fitness freaks and exercise nuts out there, they also make an excellent running shoe.

YDA Red Trainer Women

The innovative footwear was developed by Italian company, Optima Molliter. Optima has a prestigious history creating medical footwear that aids patients with diabetes. Their mission is to improve mobility in people with diabetes. They are award-winning world leaders in the field of foot health. The YDA trainers are Optima Molliter’s first venture into fashion.

YDA Blue Men and Women Shoes

Globally, more men are diagnosed with diabetes than women, though it has affected millions of people from both genders. People with diabetes have to pay extra care and attention to their feet. Raised blood sugar levels and poor circulation caused by diabetes, leaves a person more susceptible to injuries that can develop into more serious problems.

What Optima Molliter have done is create a casual trainer that truly cares about the wellbeing of your feet.

Everything is considered. Comfort, support, movement. Even the laces have a special system that allows for continuous adjustment, giving you maximum comfort throughout your day. On top of that, they look great.

You can find a full breakdown of the YDA’s features and benefits here.***

You don’t need to be a man and you certainly don’t need to be diabetic to experience the benefits and brilliance offered by a pair of YDA’s.

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