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ViscoSpot Heel Support

Price £61.19 incl.VAT

If chronic heel and ankle pain goes untreated, the pain can spread to the knee, hip and spine, causing serious disruption to your daily activities. The Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Support is designed to act as a shock absorber, protecting the joints with every step. These anatomically-contoured heel cushions relieve stress with the aid of three zones made of material with different levels of firmness.
If you have calcaneal spurs or osteoarthritis, overloading your heel when walking or standing can cause serious pain. ViscoSpot heel orthoses are designed to cushion the shock load of every step. Their soft blue core relieves pressure on the sensitive and painful pressure point on the sole of the heel, while their viscoelastic shape adapts itself perfectly to both the shoe and the foot.

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Indications for the Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Cushion
The ViscoSpot is suitable for the following conditions:
 Achillodynia – tendomyopathy
 Arthritis relief in the leg joints, hip or knee-prosthesis relief
 Calcaneal spur (Insertion tendopathy of the plantar aponeurosis)
 Haglund’s deformity – partial relief
 Leg length differences up to approx. 1 cm (evening out)
 Plantar fasciitis (calcaneal pain)
Key Features of the Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Cushion
 Shock-absorbing heel cushions
 Three zones of different firmness for targeted pressure relief
 Wave-shaped transition zone for a smooth feel
 Anatomical fit to ensure a high level of wearing comfort
 High-quality silicone construction; gentle on the skin, durable and easy to clean
 Ideal for treatment of plantar fasciitis
Sizing for the Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Support
The Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Support is available in two different sizes and left and right foot versions. Please consult the sizing chart below and select your required size from the drop-down menu above.
The Bauerfeind ViscoSpot Heel Support is supplied in pairs.
Size EU Shoe Size
Size 1 Size 32 – 40
Size 2 Size 40 – 47

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