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ViscoHeel® K

Price £52.79 incl.VAT

The Bauerfeind ViscoHeel K Heel Cushion is an innovative product that helps with misalignment of the legs and heels. If the legs are misaligned with the centre of the body, either in the form of knock knees or bandy legs, the position of the heels also becomes tilted, which leads to one-sided loading.
The ViscoHeel K heel cushion can correct this with ease, thanks to its raised design at the side. It can also be easily fitted into the shoe to even out a tilted position. This reduces pressure peaks, protects joints, and gently cushions the heel.
If the heels angle outward due to bandy legs (varus alignment) or inward due to knock knees (valgus alignment), the edges can be especially painful. The ViscoHeel K provides excellent padding in these troublesome areas, with a raised side to help straighten out the heel. This can both provide relief with every step, and help to prevent osteoarthritis from developing in the joints.

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Features and Benefits of the ViscoHeel K
 Pair of pain-relieving, durable heel cushions for all-day comfort
 Gentle on the skin for excellent comfort over long periods
 Made of high quality silicone, for a durable, easy to clean product
 Raised shape at the side allows it to fit comfortably within a shoe, to even out a tilted position
 Reduces pressure peaks, protects joints and gently cushions the heel for excellent comfort

Size Chart:

1 – shoe size 25 -31

2 – Shoe size 32 -40

3 – Shoe size 41 -47

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