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pH Work Orthotic

Price £53.94 incl.VAT

For everyday use in work boots and shoes. Durable and hard wearing .

Category: Ankle & Foot, Inserts, Insoles, Prestige Healthcare
Tags: insoles, orthotics, ph-bottom, Removable Insoles

Our pH Work Orthotic is specifically designed to help with a variety of common conditions and is milled out of EVA in a medium density for maximum control and covered with an alcantara hard wearing top cover.

This product can help when:

  • you have foot pain caused by foot misalignment,
  • when you are on your feet all day at work and put in miles and miles during a shift,
  • specifically designed to fit into work boots and footwear, especially steel toe capped footwear,
  • hard enough density to last all the working day, but comfortable enough to be not to be noticed.

This product is designed and manufactured in our own laboratory and manufacturing facility in our London clinic.

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