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pH Poron Insole Valgus

Price £34.94 incl.VAT

Our full length poron insole with a valgus pad for additional comfort and support

Category: Ankle & Foot, Inserts, Insoles, Prestige Healthcare
Tags: insoles, orthotics, ph-bottom, Removable Insoles

Our pH full length Valgus insole is specifically designed to help with a variety of common conditions and can help with:

  • Foot Pain caused by foot misalignment
  • When more mid sole cushioning is required or
  • when the foot needs more correction or alignment and adjustment

The the terms valgus and varus refer to angulation (or bowing) within the shaft of a bone or at a joint. It is determined by the distal part being more medial or lateral than it should be. Whenever the distal part is more lateral, it is called valgus. Whenever the distal part is more medial, it is called varus.

In other words this product will help you if your foot in prone to moving inwards and will help realign the foot outwards.

This product is designed and manufactured in our own laboratory and manufacturing facility in our London clinic.

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