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Open Toe Cast Boot & Open Toe Cast Boot Paediatric

Price £13.50 incl.VAT

A sturdy lightweight cast boot which helps provide the patient with secure ambulation.
Made of a durable navy blue canvas with three hook and loop fastenings for adjustable fitting.
The foam rocker EVA tri-level sole provides a shock-absorbing easy-roll action for maximum comfort.

The Paediatric Open Toe Cast Boot boot offers a cost-effective option for cast protection. It optimises the children’s gait physiologically by its rounded sole and protects the cast or bandage from getting dirty.


Category: Ankle & Foot, Darco
Tags: darco-top, tax-exempt


  • For use over a fiberglass or zinc cast


  • Ideal protection for the cast from wear and tear
  • Ergonomically designed to facilitate a correct walking pattern
  • Friendly rounded sole profile


  • Can be worn on the left or right foot

Size Chart

  • XS up to shoe size 4
  • S Shoe size 4.5 -5.5



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