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Manu Xtra – Wrist Support with special stretch zone

Price £74.00 incl.VAT

Wrist Circumference: 14-20cm

Category: Juzo, Upper Arm, Wrist & Hand

Help for the hand with innovative comfort zone

The JuzoFlex Manu Xtra support optimally protects and stabilises strained wrists. Its design has been specifically tailored to the anatomy of the wrist. This ensures correct guidance of hand and wrist movements. At the same time, it stabilises the tendons and ligaments without excessively limiting the range of movement of the joint. Thanks to the comfort fabric specially developed by Juzo, the Manu Xtra has no irritating seam in the sensitive area between the thumb and index finger; this effectively prevents any creasing or constriction of the tissue in that area.

The wave-like padding provides further protection for the sensitive area between the thumb and index finger. Correct guidance of wrist movements is ensured by an anatomically-shaped stabilisation rod which, as a result of its shape, optimally supports the arched arrangement of the carpal bones.

The interplay of movement, compression, padding, and stabilisation rod enables the support to achieve its full medical effect in case of sprains and strains. JuzoFlex Manu Xtra is also ideal for use as a preventative measure, for example to counteract any one-sided or unusual strains during leisure activities at an early stage. Using this support ensures there are no rude awakenings after cutting the hedge or painting the living room ceiling.

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