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Price £119.99 incl.VAT

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support helps to relieve ankle pain and reduce swelling of the ankle, making it an ideal option during recovery from a number of ankle conditions. With every movement, the MalleoTrain’s two pads become active and massage the ankle joint. The pads are covered in a breathable knit with a compressive effect which provides the ankle with an intermittent compression massage. This helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

The award winning Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Ankle Support is easy to put on, does not slip and sits firmly and comfortably in position, while physicians and athletes alike appreciate the support’s anatomical shape and its stabilizing effect on the musculatur

Category: Ankle & Foot, Bauerfeind, Foot & Ankle
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The MalleoTrain is suitable for conditions such as:
• Post-operative and post-traumatic irritation e.g after sprains
• Joint effusions and swellings from osteoarthritis and arthritis
• Tendomyopathies
• Ligament weaknesses

Features and Benefits of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Support
• Comfortable, supportive brace for sore or arthritic ankles
• Helps to relieve ankle pain and reduce swelling
• Breathable material is comfortable and gentle on the skin
• Two pads massage the ankle joint with every movement for a relaxing experience
• Easy to put on and take off, and will stay firmly and comfortably in position
• Comes in a choice of six sizes, in models for the left or right foot


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