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LumboLoc Forte 

Price £180.00 incl.VAT

The Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Support is the ultimate product for optimal spinal posture and relief of the lumbar spine
In cases of lumbar vertebral syndrome or severe muscular weakness of the spine, the LumboLoc Forte acts as a fixed support on the lumbar spine. Integral corset stays at the back support an anatomically correct posture, and two additional pads can be used to massage either the lumbar region or sacrum, allowing tension to be released and pain to abate.

Thanks to its anatomical fit, LumboLoc Forte always sits comfortably; the elastic, breathable material fits the body perfectly. Practical finger pockets and the LPT (Low Power Tension) tensioning strap system make it easy to handle, so that LumboLoc can be fitted correctly and adjusted without any difficulty. The strength of the massage effect can also be easily altered by adjusting the fit of the support.

The LumboLoc Forte Back Support incorporates anatomically contoured corset stays made of aluminium which provide effective support for the painful area of the lumbar spine. The corset stays can be individually shaped for a perfect fit, while an adjustable function belt at the front exerts a variable degree of compression on the abdomen and thus relieves the lumbar spine.

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The LumboLoc Forte is suitable for conditions such as:?
• Lumbago
• Muscular insufficiency of the back/abdominals
• Mild spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis (vertebral stress fracture)
• Ligamento-tendomyopathy

Features and Benefits of the Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Support?
• Excellent support for improving posture and relieving lower back pain
• Easy to put on or take off, for a convenient product
• Adjustable aluminium stays give stability, plus an individualised fit
• Supports and activates
• Anatomic fit always ensures a comfortable user experience
• Comes in a choice of six sizes, based on waist circumference


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