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Juzo Pro Digitus

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Secure protection after finger surgery

The JuzoPro Digitus orthotic glove is used for the fixed extension of the middle, ring and little finger to achieve an ideal operative outcome. The mobility of the thumb and index finger is not restricted. The removable and individually shapeable stabilisation rods also allow for fixation of individual fingers – unused finger pockets can be trimmed with a pair of scissors.

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The Juzo Digitus is easy to put on and take off and can be opened fully by means of overlapping Velcro fasteners. A non-elastic microfibre material on the inside of the hand provides a pleasant wearing comfort. The semi-elastic microfibre textiles on the back of the hand adjusts to varying circumferences, is breathable and prevents perspiration.

Optionally, the Juzo Digitus can also be reversed, i.e. the left glove can be worn on the right hand or the right glove on the left hand. This is recommended if the back of the hand is particularly sensitive: as the stabilising splints generally run along the back of the hand (dorsal side), in some cases it may feel more pleasant to stabilise the flexor side (palmar). Juzo has constructed the orthotic glove for the fingers such that it can be worn both ways.


  • Velcro fasteners and lateral zipper for easy donning
  • Cutouts for the thumb and index finger provide freedom of movement
  • High-quality materials made from inelastic microfibre materials and semi-elastic microfibre textiles on the back of the hand
  • Removable and shapeable stabilisation rods to suit individual requirements
  • Also available in 4-finger version


  • Postoperative care of PNF (percutaneous needle fasciotomy)
  • Following finger injuries and surgery (phalanges)
  • For the fixed extension of the fingers (phalanges)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the fingers (phalanges)

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