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GenuTrain S Pro

Price £158.64 incl.VAT

GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace is an innovative stabilising knee support containing lateral, adjustable splints.
Whether you’ve picked up an injury through sporting activity, or it’s just the result of ageing, knee problems can have a significant impact on your quality of life and reduce your activity levels. The GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace perfectly combats instability, osteoarthritis, meniscus injuries and more, locking your knee into position to ensure that it doesn’t move anywhere it shouldn’t.

Who Can Use the GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace?
The GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace is ideal for anyone who wants a serious product that will make sure their knee doesn’t move out of position. Whether you’ve picked up an injury or are looking to prevent another one, the adjustable hinges built-in to the splints keep the joint secure during movement. Depending on how the hinges are set, the splints can be used to restrict and flexion and extension angle of the leg.

The brace can be individually adjusted by an orthotist or medical supply retailer and their range of movement can be limited to 30, 60 or 90 degrees. Together with two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg, the joint splints provide secure support and relieve the collateral ligaments. During movement, a massage effect is generated by the distortion of the pad and the compressing knit, which activates the surrounding muscles and stimulates circulation. This helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling more quickly, ensuring both active and passive support is given.

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Stabilises the knee joint and activates the muscles
Combination of splints and straps provide secure support
The flexion and extension angle of the leg can be restricted based on the individual
Helps to compensate for mild to moderate instability
Elastic pressure pad wraps around the knee to protect it
Activates the surrounding muscles and stimulates circulation
Helps to relieve pain & reduce swelling more quickly
Comes in a choice of three colours, in six different sizes

Sizing of the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Pro Knee Brace
The Bauerfeind GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace is available in six sizes. To select your size please measure your leg according to the diagram below and choose your size from the sizing table.

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