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GenuTrain P3

Price £136.80 incl.VAT

GenuTrain P3 relieves pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization), femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain associated with patellar tip syndrome. The active support, with its two integral pressure cushions (pads) and a corrective strap, stabilizes the position of the kneecap and activates the musculature, thereby accelerating the healing process.

The GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace is perfect for anyone suffering from patellar tracking, patellofemoral pain syndrome, osteoarthritis and more. The support helps relieve pain and protect the kneecap (patella) during movement, giving you the confidence to move naturally and freely again. It combines a corrective strap and integrated ring shaped pads which hold the kneecap securely in a natural, central position and prevents any drifting. A second, wedge-shaped pad encourages relaxation of tighter muscles in the outer thigh.

The GenuTrain P3 exerts gentle compression, which provides a soothing massage effect while also reducing swelling and pain, and can also help with a tight IT band. The light, breathable material contours to your body shape, encasing the knee perfectly and adapting to every movement without slipping or constricting. Coming in three colours, six sizes and in right and left leg styles, there is something to suit

Category: Bauerfeind, Hip & Knee, Knee Brace
Tags: Bauerfeind, genutrain, knee brace, tax-exempt

Comfortable, supportive brace designed to improve patellar tracking
Also suitable for patellofemoral pain syndrome, dislocation tendency, osteoarthritis and more
Helps to relieve associated knee pain
Helps relieve anterior knee pain
Supports and protect the kneecap during movement
Prevents drifting of the knee
Acts to relieve pressure and pain
Ideal for use during sport


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