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Price £103.00 incl.VAT

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is perfect for people with a range of knee conditions, and works by taking the load off the knee joint and supporting it, including cases where the meniscus is damaged or worn. This support contains a skin-friendly ‘Train active’ knitted fabric which has an integrated massage pad to help reduce pain and bring swelling down more quickly. The knit of the Genutrain Knee Support is particularly soft at the back of the knee and ensures that the brace remains firmly and comfortably in position during any movement.

Breathable and lightweight, the Genutrain is an award-winning, lightweight and breathable product, and is available in six sizes so there’s something to suit everyone. Please see the sizing diagram and table below.

Category: Knee Brace
Tags: tax-exempt

Comfortable, lightweight brace suitable for weak, swollen or painful knees
Ideal for arthritis or for post-traumatic/postoperative conditions
Unloads and supports the knee, giving you more confidence to move freely
Suitable for when the meniscus is damaged or worn
Integrated massage pad to help reduce swelling quickly
Secure fit and great elasticity
Comes in a wide range of sizes so you can adapt it perfectly to your requirements


Size Circumference Below Circumference Above
Size 1 28 – 31cm 38 – 41cm
Size 2 31 – 34cm 41 – 44cm
Size 3 34 – 37cm 44 – 47cm
Size 4 37 – 40cm 47 – 50cm
Size 5 40 – 43cm 50 – 53cm
Size 6 43 – 46cm 53 – 56cm

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