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Genu Xtra STYLE Knee Support

Price £79.99 incl.VAT
Category: Active / Rehab Knee Braces, Juzo, Knee, Knee Brace
Tags: tax-exempt

Refreshingly different:
When light becomes function, colour makes all the difference

With the new JuzoFlex Genu Xtra STYLE, it is even more than that: this knee support in trendy neon colours not only makes a fresh fashion statement for anyone who wears it, but is also a highly effective medical aid for stabilising and relieving the knee joint. The anatomically-shaped patella ring guides the kneecap while also massaging the surrounding tissue, thereby promoting circulation in the muscles.

The area of lengthwise elasticity above the patella ring – together with the tried-and-proven combination of compression knit and bilateral spiral rods – ensures a crease-free and secure hold, even when the knee is bent at over 90 degrees. A comfort zone at the back of the knee provides relief and protection to the flexor tendons of the biceps femoris muscle (leg flexor), thereby enabling the therapeutic effect of Genu Xtra STYLE to be fully achieved.

The top and bottom borders that only exert minimal pressure prevent constriction of the tissue and ensure an optimal therapeutic gradient. Perfect for all those who want to be active with STYLE.

JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide STYLE

This extra wide knee support is particularly suitable for people with a larger thigh circumference or softer tissue in the thigh area. To ensure an optimum fit for highly tapered leg shapes, the thigh section of JuzoFlex Genu Xtra-Wide STYLE has been specially designed to prevent slipping and constriction. A special feature of the support is the added silicone border, which increases the length of the support.

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