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bootmate Sport Insole

Price £19.99 incl.VAT

Designed by Podiatric and footwear professionals specifically for studded and cleated footwear.

bootmate® tsi’s features and technical functionality means they fit into tight fitting sport boots to help provide better foot function, reducing the potential for injuries, and providing a comfortable experience.

The unique design, combining Insolia® Sport and Insolia® Flex meets the demands placed on feet in studded and spiked shoes and boots.

Category: Foot Care, Foot Comfort, Insoles
Tags: orthotics, Removable Insoles

How it works?

bootmate tsi® incorporates 8 key design and technical features which have been proven to:

    • Improve foot function via the indent by the big toe joint – Insolia®
    • Allows the joint to move downward and roll inwards, medically renowned as being needed for efficient walking and running.
    • A small raised pad positioned to raise the first metatarsal to enhance the effect of Insolia®
    • Strengthened ‘orange’ chassis on the bottom of the insole to protect against studs or cleats and again to help Insolia®
    • A specifically shaped pad found under the heel to provide shock absorption when running and walking.
    • A layer of shock absorbing material across the whole insole to increase comfort in tight fitting footwear.
    • Arch support and rear side wings providing a normal heel cup found in standard insoles and orthotics, without the bulk to enable fitting to the boot and to help reduce excessive rolling inwards of the foot, a major cause of heel pain (plantar fasciitis).
    • Mylex® Moisture Management Anti-bacterial top coating.


  • Key features include:
    • Helps protect the foot from studs and spikes found in boots and athletic shoes.
    • Lies flat and does not deform in tight fitting footwear.
    • Provides shock absorption and functional arch support.
    • Centres the foot for improved function during sport.
    • Permits a fuller stride length.
    • Permits timely heel lift and improved energy efficiency.
    • Easily replaces stock insoles and liners via ‘trim-to-fit’ guides.

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