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Body Armor® Active

Price £46.01 incl.VAT

Optimal stability with targeted mobility

The Body Armor® Active is an ideal lightweight ankle brace that is easy to use. This simple but effective design supports the rehabilitation process and is suitable for prophylactic use to reduce the incidence of acute ankle injuries. The soft interior pads serve to protect injured ankles. One can alter the length of the pads by cutting along the indent to create a simple and effective ankle brace. The Easy on – Easy off hook and loop fastener makes the Body Armor® Active the practical choice for anyone with an active lifestyle.

  • Can be used with custom orthopaedic insoles
  • Can be worn on the right or the left
  • Comes only in black/grey
  • Available in 3 sizes; Small (2.5 – 6), Medium (7 – 10), Large (10.5 – 13.5)
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  • Distorsion trauma of the upper ankle joint
  • Postoperative, conservative and post-traumatic ankle rehabilitation
  • Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint and capsule-ligament complex
  • Effective safeguard after ligament suturing
  • Ankle stabilisation from unintentional supination and pronation


  • Rehabilitation and preventive care
  • Conservative and postoperative
  • Easy on – Easy off
  • Supports ergonomically correct foot movement
  • Stable yet lightweight
  • Can be used with custom insoles
  • Protects the ankle joint and ankle function
  • Orthosis sole with more space in the shoe due to the compact orthosis base
  • Hook and loop strap allows for easy placement
  • Hinge joint parallel pivot joints ensure correct movement of the foot and prevents unintentional supination and pronation, yet allows dorsal and plantar flexion
  • Provides a perfect fit through the anatomically shaped stays

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