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Bledsoe Thruster

Price £459.99 incl.VAT

The Thruster RLF Arthritis Knee Brace is clinically proven to provide arthritic knee pain relief. This single-upright OA brace provides the greatest amount of OA correction on the market.
The unique design of the hinge allows for 36° of brace angulation. This allows the brace to unload knee joints that have excessive tissue. It can be made to unload the medial or lateral compartment of the knee.
• Bledsoe’s “Dynamic Bracing” innovation of removing side thrust as the knee moves into flexion
• Mild to severe unilateral compartment collapse
• The Dynamic Bracing has been enhanced by posterior hinge positioning
• The femoral tibial shells have been redesigned to be ergonomically more comfortable on legs
• Short version available for people under 5’6″, and an athletes version slimmer calf muscle
• All adjustments of the hinge can now be made without any tools
Designed for:
• Unicompartmental OA both medial and lateral
• Meniscal instabilities

SKU: PH-TA008101
Category: Hip & Knee

Product Features
• Hinge is on involved side of knee, pulling vs. pushing to relieve joint pain
• Up to 36° degrees of correction
• Recommended for patients with redundant soft tissue
• Unloads in a 4-point load system
• Suitable for non-contact sports

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