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Berkemann Berkina RAVENNA

Price £101.99 incl.VAT
SKU: berkermann-berkina-ravenna
Category: Accessory
Tags: berkemann, black, lace up, Sandal, Womens


The Ravenna is a popular model for the gastronomy trade, and another classic from the Berkemann range. With its airy cut and the real leather lining, Ravenna ensures a pleasant foot climate the whole day long. At the same time, the padded insole holds the foot softly and thus cushions the impact of every step, whilst the formed pad effectively supports the transverse arch. In addition to this, the original lacing adjusts the model perfectly to the foot, giving the necessary support to complete daily work safely.


size 3,5 – 8 • width E – H
20 mm heel
10 mm lift

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