Patient Price List

Foot Orthotics

Routine Review Appointment£40
CADCAM Foot Orthoses (Pair)£200
Repeat CADCAM Foot Orthoses From previous 3D Scan and model (Per Pair)£100
Express Design Service Fitting Fee
(While you wait fitting service for custom foot orthotics, takes approximately 90mins)
Fine Tuning Post Orthotic FittingFree

If you have private medical insurance, please talk to our admin team who can advise what costs you can claim from your provider.

Orthopaedic Footwear Prices

Custom Made Footwear*From £1,500
Modular Footwear (YDA)From £145
Modular FootwearFrom £295
Diabetic Specialist Footwear*From £1,750.
Footwear AdaptationsFrom £35.00
Footwear Fitting Fee£40.00

* For new footwear. As there are so many variables, prices estimated and at the consultation the full price will be given.

Lower/Upper Limb Orthotic Prices

Consultation£120 – £160*
Routine Review Appointment (Includes insole adjustments)£80
Upper Limb Orthosis£POA
Spinal Orthosis£POA
Dynamic Lycra Garments£POA
Custom Made Hinged Ankle Orthosis (per SMO)£495
Custom Made Fixed Ankle Foot Orthosis (per AFO)£400
SAFO One Silicone Drop Foot AFO, skin toned£1,450
SAFO Walk Silicone Drop Foot AFO, Budget model£900
Custom Made Hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis (per HAFO)£550
Custom Made Fixed Ankle Dynamic AFO (per DAFO)£490
Custom Made Hinged Ankle Dynamic AFO (per DAFO)£550
Custom Made Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (per KAFO)From £1,500
Off-Loading O/A knee bracesFrom £299-£550
OPTIMA SBi Diabetic Smart Walker with Off-Loading Foot Orthosis£1,200
OPTIMA SBi Diabetic Walker with Off-Loading Foot Orthosis£234
Air Cast Diabetic Walker with CADCAM Foot Orthosis£475
Air Cast Orthopaedic Walker with CADCAM Foot Orthosis£465
Custom Carbon Fibre Lower Limb Orthotics (Ankle, AFOs & KAFOs)£POA
Orthosis Fitting Fee£POA

*The price of the consultation is dependent on where the patient is seen.  Harley Street cost are more expensive due to the room rate we must pay.