We produce made-to-measure insoles using the latest CAD/CAM technology to get an incredibly accurate scan of your feet which are used in combination with our milling machine to create our insoles.


3D CAD/CAM Scanner

Our 3D technology provides us with a versatile tool to produce high quality orthotics and insoles to improve the quality of service we deliver to clients.
Why 3D Scanned?
We use state of the art laser scanning technology to capture and display the unique shape and structure of your feet in seconds. The 3D digital model is then used to create your unique custom insole, which perfectly matches your prescription. The result is a high quality, long lasting insole for our patients.

This enables our Orthotist to focus their full attention on your needs during consultation. Forget about long winded and messy casting and prescription processes. The increased speed of manufacture means it does not take weeks for your custom orthotics to be made. All the orthotics made by our in house laboratory are accurate and repeatable.

The design and manufacturing by our skilled technician offers you a new and totally digital process that is Accurate, Fast, Repeatable and of a High Quality

If you would like to have your feet scanned and insoles made, please give us a call on 02083648800 or Contact us