Gait Analysis

What is Gait Analysis?
This is a way to measure the degree of pronation. Pronation is the natural inward roll of the foot as the outside part of the heel strikes the ground. This roll acts as a shock absorber for the leg and body, optimally distributing the force of the impact of the heel hitting the ground.
  • Overpronation is when the feet roll inward too much.
  • Underpronation (or supination) is where the feet don’t roll inward enough.

Gait analysis matches the degree of pronation with the correct Orthosis, with the aims of counter-balancing over or underpronation, helping reduce the risk of injury and improving walking/ running efficiency.

We offer the traditional treadmill analysis which tracks your pronation as you move, and also 3D feet scans that measures the distribution of pressure your feet puts down and works out where the foot needs to be corrected.

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