A background on YDA trainers

YDA trainers appear to have come out of nowhere.

Barely a year old, the orthopedic footwear range is now the best selling trainer bought by diabetics worldwide. They also hold the credentials of a top-tier running shoe, as well as being an excellent choice of everyday trainer for anyone wanting to take care of their feet and draw on their body’s natural vitality.

But where did YDA’s come from?

Here’s a bit of background.

YDA’s are the debut line of sneakers created by Optima Molliter, an italian company run by the Salvatelli family. Their quest is to improve mobility in diabetic patients around the world. Before this venture into fashion, they specialised in medical footwear for the at risk foot.

Optima’s off-loading technology, developed for diabetes related and neuroischaemic plantar wounds, is helping doctors, podiatrists and orthotists around the world to successfully and cost effectively treat these foot conditions while reducing healing time. Many of their devices are part of the Acute Phase protocol and of the International Gold Standard Offloading Algorithm.

Optima Molliter won the International Innovation Award for Wearable Technologies 2019.

In 2017 they saw profits rise by 54% compared to 2016.  They invest 20% of their yearly profits back into research and development.

There was a lot of information thrown at you there but here’s the point: Optima Molliter are masters at what they do. They are experts at all things orthopedic and have made feet their focus for many, many years. Everything they do is made with absolute precision and designed with forensic detail. All things are considered.

That’s how they can produce CZa trainer as stunningly crafted as the YDA.

If you know of Optima Molliter you know they stand for orthotic excellence. And that is the exact reason we recommend them so highly.

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